Bualuang Ventures are long term investors who are actively seeking investment opportunities across a broad range of industries, working with management to grow the businesses.

Primary Focus Areas

Growth-oriented Industries

While the focus is on SMEs with established businesses, Bualuang Ventures will also consider opportunities in startups with high growth potential and FinTech.

Company Characteristics

  • The company or sponsors have demonstrated a proven track record.

  • Have an edge and the potential to create leadership position in its respective market segment through new competitive advantages.

  • Must have a well-defined and coherent business strategy, as well as, a strong value proposition.

  • Potential to capture increased market share in growing industry and expand regionally.

  • The major shareholder or sponsors must have significant equity participation and commitment in the future of the business.

  • Willingness to adopt and embrace innovation.

Management Team Criteria

  • Strong and experienced management team with demonstrated operational skills.

  • Where necessary, willing to pursue opportunities which involve management transition and succession planning.

  • Strong level of commitment from top management.

Key Considerations

  • Prefer significant minority shareholding

  • Long term strategic partnership.

  • The fund shall be used for financing growth.

  • Board of Directors representation is a compulsory requirement and in selective cases, participation in the Executive Committee to help drive business strategies and execution.

  • Bualuang Ventures shall adopt socially responsible investing approach.

  • Bualuang Ventures is able to identify and develop early clear exit strategies, primarily, listing on a stock exchange, sale back to owner or strategic trade sale.