Bualuang Ventures is an investment firm that aims to provide growth capital and customized managerial support to Thai SMEs with the potential to achieve sustainable growth / breakthrough / disruption in the region.


Bualuang Ventures will take a significant minority shareholding in promising companies and work closely with our partners to enhance value of the businesses.

Bualuang Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bangkok Bank, and is able to leverage on the group’s extensive network to create synergy and build strategic value through the establishment of new competitive advantages.

Competence, Partnership and Value-Enhancement are the center of who we are and what we do.


Our team is led by dedicated professionals with extensive experience in equity investments in a wide range of industries.  The team has diverse backgrounds, including finance, economics, business administration and management, and engineering. The skill and experience within our team enables us to provide on-going support and contribute to business growth as part of implementing an appropriate value creation strategy.